Manage & Mine Marketing Email Replies in Act-On

Siftrock uses machine learning to manage, mine, and monitor replies to your marketing campaigns. It’s easy to implement and syncs with Act-On.
contacts invalidated
phone numbers updated
replies routed to sales
new sales leads added
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With Siftrock, our clients are able to learn more about their database, gather automatically-generated net new leads, and ultimately communicate more effectively with their target audience. As an agency, we love the ability to automate elements of database maintenance and inbox monitoring.
Paul Fuller
NuGrowth Media

Why Use Siftrock for Act-On?

Update and enrich contacts to keep
lists clean and up-to-date.
Automatically route & track email
responses for better engagement.
Add new leads by mining
auto-replies and signatures.

Improve Database Health & Deliverability

Enable 2-way Email Engagement

Find 20% More Sales Contacts

How it Works With Act-On

Collect All Email Replies

Connect Gmail or Outlook inboxes. Or, point an MX record to Siftrock for a virtual inbox. Aggregate replies to marketing and sales/SDRs.

Monitor, Mine, Enrich, and Track Replies Automatically

Find job changes and invalid records. Enrich data with email signatures. Mine new referral contacts. Automate “manual” unsubscribe requests.

Sync Updates to Act-On and Route Emails

Update or invalidate contacts in Act-On. Track & measure reply rates. Create new leads. Route emails to the right rep.

Tired of Manually Monitoring Email Replies?

Let Siftrock do it automatically. Keep your contact database up-to-date. Find and route human replies. Surface new sales leads on target accounts.
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