Siftrock has been acquired by Drift.


The answer starts in December 2014, when Chris founded Siftrock.

His mission was simple - serve customers, solve problems, and build a lasting business.

When I joined as CEO, the mission didn't change.

Now we're hitting our stride. Over 150 customers, cash flow positive, and growing more than 125% Y/Y. We haven't done it with much fanfare, but we're proud of how we serve customers and proud of what we've built. We're also proud that we did this with a small team and without raising money.

So why would we sell to Drift?

And why would we sell at the moment we're hitting our stride?

Short answer: Joining Drift is a rare opportunity to continue, and amplify our mission.

It feels like the natural next step.

Breaking it down, there are 3 big things that led us here:

1.) It's a win for our customers. No B.S.

Lots of acquisitions work out badly for customers. You know this as a buyer. You know this as a startup employee. And lots of companies bring heavy B.S. when these deals happen.

If you know Siftrock, you know that we don't do B.S.

We looked at this from our customers perspective in a very practical way. We were skeptical. We analyzed and over analyzed. After spending time with Drift, seeing how they operate, and planning the next chapter, it was clear that they care as much as we do about serving Siftrock customers.

Here's what stood out in those discussions:

  • Drift is committed to the Siftrock product and investing in our tech. First as a standalone app, and later integrated into Drift's platform.
  • Drift is betting on our team. In fact, we're building a Drift office here in Seattle!
  • Drift and Siftrock have lots of overlap in the market we serve (B2B marketers), but minimal overlap in our specific use cases and products. It's a natural combination with complimentary and amplifying value for customers.
  • Drift is committed to being an open platform. Since Siftrock focuses on efficiency through integrations, this means we can keep building on our promise.

Bottom line: Both parties will do the hard work for our customers.

2.) Drift is not normal.

We joke that Chris is an old man and I'm young but have more grey hair :). In aggregate, we have developed a point of view about what an exceptional business and team looks like. We are generally skeptics, but get excited when we see something different.

Drift stands out.

It starts with Drift's leadership principles. We quickly connected with values like putting customers at the center, prioritizing learning, and setting high standards.

Those principles flow naturally into Drift's vision. We've all felt the trends that Drift has identified - customers are in control, buyers have infinite choice, and people value experiences above all. Drift wants to help sales and marketing teams meet buyers in this new paradigm. They've helped to create a movement around conversational marketing and sales. And we believe this movement will define the new way businesses buy from businesses. The vision is both endless in potential and highly focused.

The clarity of vision and values, has also led to results. Over 100k businesses use the products, they ship a new product monthly, and the growth is remarkable. But they are still humble and still believe it's very early.

Drift thinks long-term.

Seeing this combination got us to consider Siftrock's next act as part of Drift and realize that it's a rare opportunity.

3.) Comfort is the enemy of growth.

Comfort can feel great.

When you start to have success and consistency, it feels like you've made it. It's tempting to coast. But we like to push ourselves. We believe that a growth mindset creates the best results for our customers and team.

By joining Drift, we're raising the bar.

We'll have more resources to invest. We'll be able to try more, do more, and ultimately deliver more. We know that Drift will set high standards for us, but also support our learning and growth.

We're excited to stretch and do more.

Wrap up.

Reflecting on this moment, we're grateful to all the customers who we've served so far. We're grateful for your trust, your partnership, and the way you've motivated us.

But more importantly, we're excited to continue on this journey with you!

Because that's what this acquisition is about. It's not the end of our story together. It's the start of a new chapter.

So please don't call this an exit :). This is the beginning!

Let's go!

Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Friday, August 31st 2018