This is Matt from Procore...


He's a great case study about how Siftrock helps marketing ops support sales goals.

And, Procore is one of those rare B2B SaaS companies that people are stopping to watch.

  • Unicorn... Check.
  • Creating a category leading brand... Most definitely.
  • Cloud 100 list... Up to #16 this year.
  • Inc 5000... 5 years in a row.

Knowing about Procore's eye-popping growth, I was beyond excited when Matt and his team signed up for Siftrock.

The Situation: Marketing Ops Wants to Help Sales Win

Procore has an account-based marketing and sales model. In many cases they have long sales cycles that involve many stakeholders. Because of these dynamics, the marketing ops team was looking for ways to help fill in target accounts with more contacts.

"Bigger accounts can take more than a year to engage and close. In order to win deals, we need to engage with several people on each account over that time. I was looking for ways we could help fill in contacts on target accounts for our sales team."

The Solution: Siftrock & Mining Email Replies

Matt recognized that auto-replies could be a valuable data source to help solve their coverage problems and came to Siftrock.

"More contacts per account gives our sales team a better chance to win the long game. Siftrock has been a simple way to solve this problem, using data we already have."

The impact has been immediate after just 7 months...

"Siftrock has already attributed for $84K of direct closed won revenue and 49K contacts on target accounts."

Matt and team also used Siftrock to help with database hygiene to make sure the sales team always has the latest information on their contacts. Siftrock invalidates contacts when they've changed jobs and enriches records when new phone numbers or job titles are found in email signatures.

"Data is always going out of date as people move around. Siftrock helps update out-of-date records when things change. The best part is that it's happening in real-time as our email campaigns run. Tracking job changes with Siftrock has been huge for both marketing and sales."

The Results: More Complete Accounts & 12X Direct ROI

By the Numbers:

  • 12X direct ROI in 7 months.
  • $84K of direct revenue attributed.
  • 49K new sales contacts on target accounts.
  • Over 93K replies automatically sorted. Countless hours of manual labor saved.
  • Over 2,000 records enriched with phone numbers or job titles in just 2 months (this was a new feature).

Procore's Experience:

Implementing Siftrock into Procore's marketing tech stack was fast and painless.

"It's probably the easiest thing I've set-up this year. Most integrations send you a 15 page google doc telling you to create this webhook, create this field, tie it to some ID, install this package, and then follow more steps. With Siftrock, we set it up in 5 minutes on the phone and from there is was running smoothly."

Siftrock allowed the process to be hands-off.

"The best part of Siftrock is the 'set it and forget it' approach. It's simple and once we created the framework in Marketo, we were good to go."

And, Matt and his team were able to save time and cut out a bunch of human labor sorting through nearly 10K replies each month.

"Every single marketing email was going to one alias. Our data research team would have to sift through the replies manually. In the time we've had Siftrock that's been 93K emails! The time saved there has been huge."

Up Next: Bringing Siftrock to Outbound BDRs

After seeing immediate results integrating Siftrock into their Marketo email workflow, Matt and his team are starting to roll-out Siftrock to mine email replies coming back from their Outbound email sequences in

The Procore BDR team uses a blend of calling, direct mail, and email to engage their market. is at the center of this process, helping BDRs accelerate their work.

Matt and his team have started bringing Siftrock into the BDR inboxes to support their goals of account expansion and database hygiene.

"There are a lot of accounts that marketing might not be working anymore, but our BDRs are still engaging. We've started rolling out Siftrock's Gmail plug-in for BDRs as a way to improve data hygiene and to enrich contacts and accounts across the full funnel. It's another simple win that saves us time and improves database health. We're excited to expand this in 2018."

Wrap Up & Personal Note

I learned a ton from interviewing Matt. I'm super grateful to Matt and his team at Procore for being amazing partners and advocates. The ultimate payoff for our team is hearing stories about our technology helping great people inside a great business become even a little more effective toward their goals. Plus, when you get to have a small role in a jaw-dropping growth business like Procore, you learn a ton as a vendor. They have challenged us, put us through the ringer in testing, and their use cases will drive us to be better. In short - thanks to all the good people we serve at Procore!

Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Wednesday, January 24th 2018