I've followed Heinz Marketing for several years. When their team on-boarded Siftrock a few months ago, I was beyond excited. To put a cherry on top, after three months of using Siftrock, the Heinz team was willing to share some of the early results they've seen by leveraging Siftrock to improve data quality.

The Challenge:

As thought leaders in B2B marketing, Heinz Marketing has the unique challenge of marketing to marketers. With marketing org dynamics rapidly changing and stakeholders frequently changing jobs, Heinz Marketing faces two common challenges in B2B:

1.) Keeping their database updated as things change with their audience. 2.) Maintaining contact with the right people within relevant companies.

The Heinz Marketing team recognized that landing content with the right audience requires a clean and continually updated database. In addition, the average B2B decision now involves 5.4 stakeholders (CEB). This trend requires broader contact coverage across buyers and influencers for both marketing and sales. While Heinz Marketing has many ways to address these challenges with manual processes, they needed a more passive and automated solution.

The Solution:

Heinz Marketing uses Siftrock for Marketo to mine email replies for database updates. The Heinz team previously saw value in the flood of email replies and auto-responders, but was not able to manually sift through thousands of messages each month.

"Siftrock enables us to tap into email replies as a data source and improve our database quality without any manual intervention," - Lisa Heay, Marketing Consultant

With Siftrock in place, Heinz Marketing was able to automate three database management processes:

  • Updating and cleaning contacts when they change jobs or email addresses.
  • Finding new referral or replacement contacts at companies already in their database.
  • Cleaning bounces and non-traditional unsubscribes

The Results:

After just three months of using Siftrock, Heinz Marketing has seen the following results:

Metric 3 Month Result Annualized Rates
Total reply rate 6.0% of marketable leads 24% of marketable leads
Database update opportunities for cleaning and automation 4.7% of marketable leads 19% of marketable leads
Database growth through referral contacts on existing accounts 3.7% of marketable leads
(29% included a phone number)
15% of marketable leads
Job changes or email changes found 422 contacts 1,688 contacts

On the qualitative side, Heinz Marketing's team have enjoyed the simplicity of the solution:

"Every B2B marketer should use email replies to improve database quality - Siftrock makes it easy to turn on that process. We love Siftrock because it's easy to integrate with our existing marketing automation platform and it's hands-off from then on." - Brian Hansford, VP of B2B Demand Generation and Marketing Technology Practice, Heinz Marketing

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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Tuesday, March 21st 2017