Tiffany knows automation.


90% of her lead flows were beautifully automated when we met her. As Director of Marketing Ops at FinancialForce, Tiffany and her team have built an impressive system.

But, she had one high-value pipeline channel that was stuck in a manual, slow, and error-prone process.

The problem channel:

It's the email address listed on FinancialForce's website, AppExchange page, and sales collateral.

600+ high value inbound leads engage by emailing this address.


Tiffany had staffed a Marketing Intern to sift through the inquiries, but there was up to 24 hours lag in getting those hot leads assigned to field reps.

"We are constantly trying to shave time off of lead distribution and create a better experience for companies evaluating FinancialForce. Email inquiries are often bottom-of the funnel leads. Driving pipeline and speed to market are top priorities."

In addition to the delayed response time, the manual entry often had errors with attribution or the data itself, and took energy away from other projects:

"My team was spending 20 hours per month monitoring the inbox. Doing this manually led to lots of errors - we often didn't have the right lead source values for attribution or fields needed for routing. This manual process was a major pain that needed to change."

The Solution & Results

Tiffany and team onboarded Siftrock to automatically handle email inquiries and push the relevant data to Marketo. The result was immediate:

  • 600+ high-value leads now get to the field in minutes, rather than waiting 12+ hours
  • 20 hours per month saved. Precious time now goes to critical scaling projects.
  • Errors are eliminated, ensuring all fields are available for scoring and automation.
  • Flawless execution of lead and campaign attribution.

"With Siftrock we're saving time and getting these warm leads into the field faster. It's been a no-brainer ROI tool that solved a major pain. On top of the tech, their customer success team has been extremely proactive and made the set-up super easy."


How it Works

Siftrock solves the problem in 3 phases:

  1. Connecting directly to the inbox, Siftrock automatically receives and sorts email inquiries.

  2. Siftrock machine learning finds the real human inquiries, filtering out 1000s of spam messages, invalid leads, and other noise.

  3. Leads are created in Marketo automatically in near real-time. Tiffany gets to define exactly how Siftrock writes this data to Marketo so that she has the fields needed to trigger other automation, enrichment, SFDC sync, and territory routing.

Why Not Let Buyers Email You?

As B2B marketers, we all want buyers follow our path - forms, cookies, and the lead flows we designed to make our lives easy.

But, we also know that buyers will engage on their own terms, not ours.

If people want to email you instead of submitting a form, you need to be ready. And, in many cases these are going to be your warmest leads that convert the fastest.

So instead of trying to fight with your info@, contact@, or sales@ inboxes manually, let Siftrock handle it automatically.

Now you can roll-out the red carpet for email inquiries without the pain.

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Adam Schoenfeld
Adam Schoenfeld
Adam is CEO and Co-Founder at Siftrock, data geek, golfer, and breakfast enthusiast. He is passionate about data, marketing, and creating simple solutions to big business problems.
Published Wednesday, May 2nd 2018